Spotlight On: Peggy Greenlee, Senior Clinical Auditor at Penstock

From delivering babies to delivering payment integrity solutions

From navigating the bustling hallways of hospitals to diving deep into clinical data, Peggy Greenlee’s journey through the world of healthcare is as diverse as it is inspiring. Today, she’s one of the brains behind the audits at Penstock, ensuring that health plan bills are paid accurately, and errors are kept to a minimum. But her journey to this point is peppered with stories of education, insurance companies and… nuns?

The Penstock Deep Dive

As a senior clinical auditor at Penstock, Peggy’s evolved into a maestro for home health care, crafting intricate edits and concepts. Simply put, she’s a superhero in the vast world of healthcare billing. Peggy and her team identify overpayments in the millions of claims they receive, narrowing them down with precision edits to ensure that health plans are correctly paying the claims that come in. Peggy describes it as a challenging puzzle. “Imagine having millions of puzzle pieces, and you need to find the ones that don’t quite fit. That’s what we do. And not only do we find them, but we also educate providers, so those pieces that don’t fit don’t keep showing up.”

But Peggy emphasizes that Penstock’s mission isn’t just about recovering money. “We don’t want to be the band-aid; we want to be the cure,” she says with a smile. “Our goal isn’t just to find and fix errors but to prevent them from recurring. It’s about accuracy from the start, building trust and ultimately, reducing the cost of healthcare.”

The secret sauce to this success? Unlike other payment integrity vendors who guard their strategies, Penstock believes in transparency. “We share our insights with our clients. By doing so, we’re not just aiding them for the present but empowering them for the future.”

Peggy’s Superpower—Constant Evolution

Peggy’s superpower is her adaptability. She thrives on new concepts, challenges, and learning opportunities. “Don’t give me the routine. Give me the new project, the new concept—that’s exciting to me!” And at Penstock, she gets just that. The culture, she says, is all about innovation, collaboration and genuinely valuing everyone’s contribution. “Everyone’s suggestions and ideas, no matter how out there, are embraced and explored. And while many companies hoard their ‘secret sauce’, we share ours. We want to make healthcare better, not just cash in on its inefficiencies.”

Transitioning to Wine, Nature and… Nuns?

After the deep dives into audits, Peggy unwinds at her brother’s cabin nestled in a forest in Pennsylvania. She’s also quite the wine connoisseur, often found exploring the vineyards of the Grand River Valley. “Each winery has a unique flavor, a distinct atmosphere. I’m on a quest to find a wine that tastes like my Auntie Amelia’s homemade Rosé – paired perfectly with juicy peaches. It’s a taste of nostalgia! And while I love a good glass of wine, there’s one experience that wine just can’t compete with.”

And here’s where the nuns come in.

“Hands down, the best job I ever had was working as an RN for the Sisters of Notre Dame in their infirmary. Taking care of those nuns was so rewarding,” she reminisces, her eyes sparkling with memories. “They were the most grateful, loving souls. Every day with them was a lesson in humility, grace, and pure joy.” She continues, “They showed me the depth of gratitude and the beauty of simple things. While that career experience is unbeatable—Penstock comes incredibly close. And I’ve worked for just ‘a few’ companies,” she says jokingly.

Peggy’s Journey to Payment Integrity

From labor and delivery nurse to educator and then case management in insurance, Peggy’s seen the healthcare system from multiple angles. “I’ve been on the front lines of care—delivering babies, at the bedside, working in the OR. With Penstock, I’m on the other side, behind-the-scenes, ensuring healthcare billing is accurate. The mission? Healthcare that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.” And while she’s proud of her current role in reducing the cost of healthcare, she envisions a future where systems work seamlessly, where her job at Penstock would become obsolete because it’s been achieved. “That’s what we’re working towards at Penstock. It might defy traditional business sense, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Peggy Greenlee is more than just an auditor at Penstock. She’s a force of nature, a lover of wine, an explorer of new ideas, and a champion for transparency and improvement in healthcare. “Every step in my career, from the hospital floors to the nuns and now at Penstock, has been about care,” Peggy concludes. “And while the settings and challenges have changed, the heart of it remains the same: making a difference in people’s lives.” With people like Peggy in payment integrity, the future of the industry is not just promising—it’s transformative.

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