Supplemental Filings

Supplemental Filings

Supplemental filings play a crucial role in ensuring your plan not only complies with regulations but also meets the diverse needs of your members. With our guidance, your health plans will not only adhere to the highest standards of compliance and quality but also demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and member-centered care. 

Supplemental Filings Solutions

Meet the Diverse Needs of Members

Mental Health Parity

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) mandates that financial requirements and treatment limitations applied to mental health or substance use disorder benefits cannot be more restrictive than medical or surgical benefits. We specialize in ensuring your plans fully comply with requirements, providing equitable coverage and supporting the well-being of your members. 

Multicultural Distinction

This distinction serves as a benchmark for health plans dedicated to serving diverse populations. We guide you through the rigorous standards required for Multicultural Distinction, helping your plan deliver culturally sensitive services. 

Accreditation: NCQA and URAC

NCQA: Our expertise encompasses guiding health plans through NCQA’s comprehensive standards, emphasizing care coordination, patient engagement, and cultural competence. URAC: We provide expert guidance to navigate URAC’s accreditation process, enhancing your plan’s credibility and quality. 

Automated QHP Regulatory Filing

Our intelligent SaaS solution ensures a seamless and simple user interface for filing success through automated, real-time access to state guidance, streamlined integration and dissemination of binder, form and rate filing deadlines and requirements.

ClearFile Regulatory Efficiency Software

We make filing success look easy

Reclaim time, control and confidence with an end-to-end partnership that beautifully and seamlessly connects human and machine intelligence, so you can get accuracy right from the start—when it matters most.

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