RxDC Filing

RxDC Filing Made Easy

RxDC filing/submission may seem like another burdensome and costly task for already maxed-out health plan teams—but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you cross the finish line, successfully and on time.

What is the Consolidated Appropriations Act's Rx Data Collection (RxDC) Mandate?

The new mandate requires insurance companies and employer-based health plans to submit extensive information about prescription drug and healthcare to the Health Insurance Oversight (HIOS) system, a national channel used by plans across the country—and one ClearFile specializes in. 
RxDC Filing Solutions

A true partner for health plans who want to meet the mandate—successfully

Compliance Guidance

We help fully insured and self-funded health plans navigate annual RxDC mandate requirements, understand what files need to be uploaded and in what order, and answer every question you may have along the way.

Full-Scale Filing Management

Our team can manage the filing for your health plan from start to finish, to ensure complete and total compliance with the federal government and CMS in alignment with all other required HIOS filings/submissions.

Education & HIOS Portal Alignment

We’ll provide meaningful and valuable insights and education to your internal regulatory teams and HIOS Portal to guarantee all is in alignment with current federal rules.  
RxDC Filing Expertise

We Make RxDC Filing Seamless—and Easily Repeatable Year-After-Year

Our services are designed to streamline the RxDC filing process, making it not just painless but easily repeatable. This saves you time and effort, enabling you to focus on what you do best: providing excellent member experiences.

Robust Data Protection

The integrity of your data is our top priority. We ensure sensitive information is safe and secure.

Document Management

Say goodbye to the stress of scrambling for the right versions of documents, templates and information. We maintain all your filing data in one place, making it accessible and manageable.

Automated Regulatory Filing

Our intelligent SaaS solution ensures a seamless and simple user interface for filing success through automated, real-time access to state guidance, streamlined integration and dissemination of binder, form and rate filing deadlines and requirements.

ClearFile Regulatory Efficiency Software

We make filing success look easy

Reclaim time, control and confidence with an end-to-end partnership that beautifully and seamlessly connects human and machine intelligence, so you can get accuracy right from the start—when it matters most.

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