Payment Accuracy

Changing the Future of Payment Integrity

We’re bringing transparency into focus—taking a stand against the murky waters of healthcare billing to eliminate systemic errors that fuel both soaring health plan costs and our nation’s mounting medical debt.

Move Beyond the Current Reality of Payment Integrity

Gain Visibility into Claim Errors

We are stewards of transparency, unmasking the details of claim discrepancies that others choose to hide.

Strengthen Provider Relationships

Fast & accurate claims payments foster provider trust, leading to less disputes and better member satisfaction.

Empower Your Team

Our all-in-one audit tool allows your team to correct errors and implement edits to mitigate future discrepancies.

Audit Management Technology

Say goodbye to the IT waiting game and hello to seamless self-service with an all-in-one audit workflow platform that boasts intuitive search, reporting and user-friendly edit development.
ClearBridge Payment Integrity Software

We believe in accuracy and transparency

We are stewards of transparency, uncovering details of claim discrepancies that others choose to shroud.

What We Offer

Payment Integrity Services

Making the same errors repeatedly and expecting different results is insanity. Einstein said it—we just agree. We’ll review your current process and audit scenarios to develop a plan for success.

Payment Integrity Consulting

Your internal team is so much more than a recovery center. From training and education to technology and scale, we’ll help them transform into an intelligence powerhouse other vendors can’t compete with. 

Audit & Recovery Services

Don’t want to bring payment integrity in-house? Elevate your payment process with confidence. Our best-in-industry algorithms result in a 98% IRO-agree rate with our initial determinations.

Get Inspired

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Explore payment integrity insights and tips for health plan success.

Open intelligence for forward-thinking health plans

We embrace a philosophy of “Open Intelligence,” a unique approach that embodies our commitment to transparency, where we reveal the “behind-the-scenes” of regulatory and payment integrity success—secrets that traditionally remain confined within the walls of vendors.



We’ve identified Federal and State carve-outs valued at $80.1M



We’ve identified over $185M in HCRA payment errors.



Our IRO agree rate is is 98%

Experience the best in audit management software

See how ClearBridge is raising the bar—and redefining audit management software for health plans. 

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