Audit & Recovery Services

Elevate Payment Accuracy with Confidence

Our algorithms boast a 98% agreement rate with Independent Review Organizations, underscoring our unparalleled strength in recovery.

We catch the overpayments others miss

Discover how Penstock’s meticulous second-pass audit unearthed $4.8M in potential savings for a Medicare Advantage Plan- savings that had been missed by seven previous post-audit providers.
Audit & Recovery Solutions

Settle for no less than precision in every detail

Our suite of services ensures your health plan operates at peak efficiency, accuracy, and savings. We delve deeper, find more, and miss less. Partner with us and discover the Penstock advantage.

Claims Audit & Validation

We meticulously comb through each claim to uncover inaccuracies and overpayments. We ensure each claim aligns with its corresponding contract terms, lowering costs and the risk of provider disputes.

Appeals Management

We dive deep into your denied claims to identify trends, common issues and root causes. We assist in resolving disputes, ensuring faster resolution times, and maintaining strong provider relationships.

Second-Pass Audit Recovery

We don’t simply find the low-hanging fruit and call it a success. Our second-pass audits dive deeper into your claims, finding and recovering overpayments other vendors miss.
Audit & Recovery Expertise​

Get Audit Recovery Right the First Time

Our best-in-class audit & recovery services empower your team to:

Move beyond reactive measures

Get robust, data-driven insights that enable efficient claim processing, identify potential errors and enhance your ability to recover overpayments easily and accurately.

Streamline the payment integrity process​

Expedite claim reviews, reduce human error and strengthen relationships with providers. You can expect superior detection of both first-pass and elusive second-pass errors, facilitating smoother, more efficient transactions.

Keep education at the forefront

With ongoing education and support, we ensure your team is equipped to minimize errors and maximize recoveries.

Audit Management Technology

Say goodbye to the IT waiting game and hello to seamless self-service with an all-in-one audit workflow platform that boasts intuitive search, reporting and user-friendly edit development.

ClearBridge Payment Integrity Software

We’re not like other vendors who put profit over your results.

Reclaim time, control and confidence with an end-to-end partnership that beautifully and seamlessly connects human and machine intelligence, so you can get accuracy right from the start—when it matters most.

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