Save on Surgical Implant Costs

Penstock can now help reduce your surgical spend. Through our partnership with Paradigm, the Clearbridge platform now identifies savings opportunities on surgical implant claims through expert bill review and industry-specific data, reducing your surgical implant costs.


Surgical Implant Savings - Powered by Paradigm

Validated by experts. Verified by results.

Our integrated solution, powered by Paradigm, offers a comprehensive approach to surgical implant bill review, before a claim has been paid, generating an average of 69% savings.¹

Expert Review for Reimbursement Eligibility

Comprehensive reviews conducted by industry experts with extensive experience in implant acquisition and billing.

Fully Managed Solution

The process is fully managed end-to-end with detailed support for provider inquiries and reconsideration requests.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse Detection

We catch the fraud, waste and abuse other vendors miss, targeting a historically neglected material spend category.


of total bills remain undisputed¹


of savings value upheld through reconsiderations¹


implant cases reviewed to date¹

Source: 1. Paradigm –

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Stop Overpaying for Surgical Implants

Payers are overpaying for surgical implants. Our comprehensive guide, in partnership with Paradigm, delves into this critical area—a leading cost driver that’s often overlooked. With surgical volume expected to rise over the next decade, the time to act is now.

Audit Management Technology

Say goodbye to the IT waiting game and hello to seamless self-service with an all-in-one audit workflow platform that boasts intuitive search, reporting and user-friendly edit development.

ClearBridge Payment Integrity Software

We’re not like other vendors who put profit over your results.

Reclaim time, control and confidence with an end-to-end partnership that beautifully and seamlessly connects human and machine intelligence, so you can get accuracy right from the start—when it matters most.

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