Team Management & Visibility

Enhance Teamwork, Elevate Performance 

Unlock optimal team management, visibility and performance with ClearBridge. Offering personalized work queues, comprehensive metric-based reporting, and powerful search capabilities, ClearBridge creates an environment of empowered auditors, leading to superior audit outcomes.

Easy-Assign Capabilities that Optimize Project Management

Create “open” or “closed” work queues
In a closed queue, auditors are automatically assigned the next project in line, while an open queue allows them to select the audits they want to work on.

Flexible work queues 
Tailor work queues based on auditor skill level, audit status, billing provider, claim type, edit code, review type and more!


Boost Performance with Metric-Based Reporting 

Our powerful metric-based reporting provides a comprehensive view of audit processes and team performance. Access detailed reports such as auditor metrics featuring audits completed and savings rates, project metrics breaking down claim types, and appeal metrics for completed reviews.

Auditor Scorecards

Get personalized statistics for each auditor, tracking performance over time to ensure continued growth and success.

Pipeline Report

Track audits—and their progress—throughout the entire process, ensuring maximum efficiency and timely completion.

Empower your Team with Advanced Search

The limited search capabilities of conventional payment integrity tools have long restricted access to essential claim and provider-specific information for auditors. ClearBridge grants auditors access to virtually any piece of data they might need throughout the auditing process.

Our search capabilities allow auditors to:

  • Access comprehensive claim and provider-specific information for deeper insights.
  • The ability to save search queries for future use.
  • Easily export search results for reporting and team collaboration.
  • Streamline the audit process with access to crucial data from various sources, such as TruCode

Seamless integration with industry leading platforms

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Accuracy for All

Built for Growing Teams

For Auditors

With easy search, reporting and edit creation, ClearBridge eliminates the reliance on IT. Its features include advanced custom search, streamlined code management, an ‘Edit Sandbox’ for effortless testing and time-saving comment templates with automatic code and description population for enhanced efficiency.

For Managers

Our platform provides audit managers with tailored work queues, allowing assignments based on various criteria including auditor skill and claim type. Get enhanced performance and visibility with metric-based reporting, that empowers managers to make data-driven decisions and improve team performance.

Penstock SaaS Solutions

For Leaders

ClearBridge offers health plan leaders a unified audit management solution, streamlining claim reconciliation and enabling in-house edits. By consolidating audit findings and eliminating multiple vendor contracts, ClearBridge reduces provider abrasion, upholds payment integrity, and simplifies the entire auditing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is here to provide personalized assistance and help you with any inquiries you may have about our technology or services.

Yes, ClearBridge currently integrates with your existing Mfiles, HubShare and TruCode accounts.

In addition to this, custom integrations with your plan’s existing tools are available through our implementation and tech support teams.

Getting started with ClearBridge is simple. Start by exploring our demo and meeting our team to understand how we’re elevating payment integrity and pre-payment accuracy. Our comprehensive resource library and user guide, along with a dedicated Client Success Manager, make onboarding smooth. The setup is quick and tailored to your needs, ensuring your audit success story starts off strong.

Penstock offers stellar customer service with guaranteed response times for support inquiries through our dedicated Help Desk. From 8am – 8pm EST, our experts are ready to provide timely assistance. Our implementation and ongoing support offerings range from a technology-focused SaaS solution to a flexible hybrid model and even a full-scale outsourcing service. We’re committed to flexibility, ensuring our involvement aligns with your needs.

At ClearBridge, we prioritize data protection. We have completed the HITRUST r2 Readiness Assessment, and our SOC 2 Type 2 Report affirms our commitment to data security. Our systems undergo yearly HIPAA-HITECH IT Security Risk Analysis to maintain compliance with health information regulations. Additionally, our data is stored securely across multiple ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53 certified locations. We use advanced encryption methods, adhere to OWASP Web Security Testing Standards, and support SSO and MFA for added security layers.

Absolutely. ClearBridge was designed by auditors for auditors, which makes it an intuitively easy-to-use platform for audit success. It offers auditor-friendly language and infinite search capabilities, and its edit engine doesn’t require a developer. Users can test edits in a controlled environment, and the integration of MFiles, TruCode and HubShare allows seamless information sharing, efficient access to the latest pricers and groupers and effective document collaboration.

Yes. ClearBridge is designed to enhance your existing processes, help find and prevent recurring claim errors, and facilitate a more effective, less burdensome claims auditing process. By consolidating information from various systems into one platform, it allows real-time automated reporting of key metrics, helping you save time, money, and resources.

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