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Ready to leave filing errors and regulatory overpayments behind? Turn regulatory expertise into a core competency and move into a growth-mindset with solutions and tech that help health plans—and their teams—get ahead.

Move Beyond the Current Reality of Regulatory Efficiency

Improve Member Experience

Unsuccessful certifications could lead to member disruption. Our proven success rate prevents that.

Grow & Expand Your Business

Our services and technology empower and equip health plans for successful expansion into new markets.

Transform Your Filing Process

Transform complex, lengthy regulatory filing into a streamlined operation, all within a single platform.

Reclaim Regulatory Overpayments

We’ll ensure you’re not overpaying for surcharge obligations, providing a predictable and accurate monthly liability.

Automated Regulatory Filing

Our intelligent SaaS solution ensures a seamless and simple user interface for filing success through automated, real-time access to state guidance, streamlined integration and dissemination of binder, form and rate filing deadlines and requirements.

ClearFile Regulatory Efficiency Software
What We Offer

Regulatory Services

The increasing need for expert health plan support in handling complex regulatory tasks and payments calls for a dedicated partner—and it’s exactly where we excel. We’ll focus on your compliance success while you focus on your strategic growth.

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Explore regulatory compliance insights and tips for health plan growth and success.

Open intelligence for forward-thinking health plans

We embrace a philosophy of “Open Intelligence,” a unique approach that embodies our commitment to transparency, where we reveal the “behind-the-scenes” of regulatory and payment integrity success—secrets that traditionally remain confined within the walls of vendors.



Our certification track record is 100%


ClearFile cuts your time spent filing by about 50%


We’ve identified over $185M in HCRA payment errors.

The Top Qualified Health Plan Takeaways for the 2024 Plan Year

Drawing from the vast resources of REGTAP, we’ve distilled the 4 essential takeaways that will guide you through the year ahead. We’ll help you ensure compliance, enhance member satisfaction and secure a competitive edge in the dynamic healthcare marketplace.


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Experience the first-of-its-kind regulatory filing software for health plans

See how ClearFile transforms the complex, lengthy regulatory filing process into a streamlined operation, all within a single, multifaceted platform.

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