Comprehensive ACA solution for health plans

Whether you are an established health plan, targeting a new market or entering the exchange for the first time, our ACA-in-a-Box offers a tailored, end-to-end solution designed to secure your success in the ACA Marketplace.

Did you know, beyond initial filings, Penstock provides continuous support and strategic advisement?

By setting clear goals and offering data-driven recommendations, we ensure that health plans not only meet but exceed operational objectives.
What We Do

Seamless Commercial Filings

Competitive Intelligence

Leveraging public use files (PUF) from CMS and state-published files, we deliver an unrivaled depth of market insights. We meticulously analyze aggregated data across counties, states and carriers, transforming datasets into actionable intelligence tailored to your growth goals.

Premium Rate Setting & Plan Design

Position yourself as a carrier with sophisticated plan designs and competitive rates. We facilitate rapid recalculations of premium rates and pricing, ensuring speed, accuracy, compliance and a competitive edge.

Filing Accuracy & Efficiency

We manage every aspect of the filing process—from rate filing, document management in SERFF, HIOS and RBIS to handling DOI communications and objections. We guarantee ACA certification, market readiness, and rapid scalability to ensure you never miss new opportunities due to limited staff, resources or expertise.

Automated Regulatory Filing

Our intelligent SaaS solution ensures a seamless and simple user interface for filing success through automated, real-time access to state guidance, streamlined integration and dissemination of binder, form and rate filing deadlines and requirements.

ClearFile Regulatory Efficiency Software
Who We Serve

Tailored Solutions for Every Health Plan

Renewing Established Plans

Grow and defend your market presence with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Growth-Oriented Established Plans

Leverage our insights and technology for successful expansion into new states and counties.

Health Plans New to Exchange

Launch with confidence, backed by comprehensive support and expert guidance to navigate the complexities of the ACA marketplace.
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Get Inspired

Explore regulatory compliance insights and tips for health plan growth and success.
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