ClearBridge Integrations

Integrate with platforms you know and love

We’ve strategically partnered with industry-leading applications like M-Files, HubShare, and TruCode to facilitate and enhance your audit success journey. Our aim? To make your experience smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more rewarding.

Your One-Stop Solution for Provider Communication

Experience unrivaled simplicity and effectiveness in exchanging documentation with providers. Gain a two-way street for sharing and receiving documents related to specific claims.

Easy Access to Letter Documentation

Providers can view letter documentation associated with their TIN, bringing everything into one view.

Streamlined Uploading for Claim Documents

Seamlessly upload documentation, directly linking to a specific claim.

Seamless Document Access and Interaction

Unlock new levels of productivity, collaboration and efficiency with the seamless integration of M-Files into ClearBridge.

Easy Document Search

MFiles effortlessly converts all your external documents into searchable PDFs. Finding the information you need is no longer a tedious task. It’s a matter of seconds.

Advanced Document Interaction

Without altering their original format, annotate, highlight or comment on your documents, enabling effective exchange of insights while preserving data integrity.

Experience the Pinnacle of Coding Efficiency

End the struggle of juggling multiple platforms for your coding needs. The integration of TruCode with ClearBridge brings the latest coding clinics, coding references, groupers, and pricers right to your fingertips.

Ready to make the most of the platforms you love?

See how we’ve supercharged them to jumpstart your journey towards increased audit success with ClearBridge. 

ClearBridge Features

Edit Management

With ClearBridge, auditors and coders can quickly develop and apply edits using a system that’s built with user-friendly terminology like claims, diagnosis codes and procedure codes.

Document & Letter Management

Leverage our intuitive system to tailor documents and letters that guarantee uniform, clear messaging, saving time and minimizing room for error.

Team Management & Visibility

Offering personalized work queues, comprehensive metric-based reporting, and powerful search capabilities, ClearBridge creates an environment of empowered auditors, leading to superior audit outcomes.

Helping You Grow

Education & Support

We’re serious about providing resources and education that support transparency and accuracy.

From onboarding to support—we’ve got you covered

ClearBridge transforms even the most intricate audit challenges into manageable feats. With user-friendly features that feel like a natural extension of your team’s talents, efficiency becomes second nature. Plus, should you ever need support, it’s always one human conversation away – no bots in sight.

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