HCRA Services

HCRA Regulatory Support Services

If you’re a NYS Health Plan, you know about HCRA, a healthcare “tax” so complex that payers often end up overpaying. We help prevent and recover inaccurate payments.

HCRA Assessments on NY Health Plans Increased by Almost $1B Since 2015 and Continue to Rise

At Penstock, our commitment to removing unnecessary costs from the healthcare system had us asking why? So, we embarked on a mission to find out.
HCRA Regulatory Expertise

Navigate the Intricate World of HCRA with Confidence

Find comfort in knowing that every aspect of your regulatory obligations is expertly handled.

Reclaim Misspent Dollars

Our HCRA experts are uncovering errors and exclusions, resulting in millions of dollars recovered for our clients.

Obtain Peace of Mind

Where errors are detected, recommendations and supporting documentation will be provided to prevent future overpayments and show proof of compliance.

Remove Complexity

Our extensive regulatory knowledge of NYS PHL§2807 removes complexity. We validate accuracy in the enrollment, provider billing, claims adjudication and Office of Pools Administrator (OPA) submission processes.
HCRA Regulatory Solutions

Retrospective HCRA Assessments

We meticulously review your previous Office Pool Administration submissions, pinpointing any surcharge overpayments made within the 6-year retrospective period.

HCRA as a Service

Prevent future overpayments—we’ll ensure you only pay your precise obligation to the state—not a dollar more, providing a predictable and accurate monthly liability.

Audit Support

With our expertise in audit preparation, you can confidently respond to questionnaires and meet your compliance obligations seamlessly, preserving your peace of mind and protecting your financial health.

Say Goodbye to Regulatory Overpayments

Working with our team of HCRA experts will ensure you’re paying—and have paid—the correct amount for surcharge obligations and covered lives assessments.

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Explore regulatory compliance insights and tips for health plan growth and success.
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