We’re powering health plans to move beyond the current reality of payment integrity and regulatory filing.
Our Commitments

“Open Intelligence” and Penstock’s True North

At Penstock, we embrace a philosophy of “Open Intelligence,” a unique approach that embodies our commitment to transparency, where we reveal the “behind-the-scenes” of regulatory and payment integrity success—secrets that traditionally remain confined within the walls of vendors.


Witnessing firsthand the lack of transparency in the industry, we’re deeply passionate about providing solutions that bring clarity back into focus.


Our solutions instill true ownership of outcomes. We arm your teams with advanced, intuitive technology and the education needed for success.


We’ll transfer our seasoned expertise, encouraging a transition from vendor reliance to empowering your internal teams—rest assured, we’re always on standby when you need us.


Think of us as an extension of your team. Your triumphs are ours, and we’re arming you with the knowledge, service and technology to reach new heights.
What We Offer

Intelligent Solutions

Our transparent solutions make work—and health plan success—simple. 

Payment Accuracy

Discover how we help you fix leaks at the source with claims solutions that serve your unique needs.

Regulatory Efficiency

See how we transform the complex, lengthy regulatory filing process into a streamlined, intuitive process.



We identified Federal and State carve-outs valued at $80.1 million.


Our team has completed over 600 successful QHP filings, all certified and approved by states and CMS.


We’ve identified over $185M in HCRA payment errors.


Customer Stories

See why health plans choose Penstock to transform their regulatory and payment integrity processes.
Our client was eager to expand beyond its existing state boundary, yet faced challenges with
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What We Offer

Commitments in action

Hear firsthand how our unwavering commitment to excellence has made a significant difference for health plans across the country.


Latest Insights

We’re serious about providing resources and insights that support transparency and accuracy.

Penstock Group, a leader in the healthcare payment integrity space, announced today that ClearBridge, its
Penstock Group announced today a partnership with Paradigm, an accountable specialty care management organization and

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Ready to mitigate recurring, high-cost claim and regulatory filing errors? 

Payment Accuracy

From training and education to technology and scale, we’ll help your health plan transform into a payment integrity powerhouse.

Regulatory Efficiency

We understand every facet of the regulatory filing process. We’ll take care of your certification, while you focus on what matters most—your members.

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