The ClearFile Era: Automated Regulatory Filing Platform for Health Plans 


July 23rd, 2023


8:30am EST


XYZ Event Center, 2972 Westheimer Rd. Santa Ana, Illinois 85486


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Every health insurer knows the burden of regulatory filings. They aren’t just tedious—they’re downright complex. Unfortunately, health plans understand the following scenario all too well: just one month away from a crucial deadline, an unexpected legislation shifts the ground beneath their feet. The task at hand now? Sifting through vast data to revise files, ensuring every piece of Evidence of Coverage (EOC) reflects this sudden legislative change. But what if there was a way to unburden health plans from the intricate web of regulatory filing? Enter ClearFile, Penstock’s regulatory software-as-a-service solution.  

Our first-of-its-kind regulatory filing platform is designed to dramatically reduce the filing hassles associated with a diverse range of plans including federally qualified health plans (QHPs), RxDC, dental, vision, and Medicare Advantage, among others. 

From Experience to Innovation 

During my time at leading payer organizations, I handled regulatory filings for over 650 QHPs across several states, impacting millions of lives. I waded through the SERFF portal and found information concealed within its extensive documents. I dealt with new legislation and timelines that differed across all 50 states. And I grappled with various templates, each demanding meticulous manual data entry—a process that’s not only labor-intensive but also riddled with opportunities for inconsistencies. My hands-on experience spotlighted a gaping need in the industry—a technology designed specifically for easing the complexity of regulatory filings. With the millions of Americans enrolling in QHPs, it’s evident that simplifying regulatory filing is the key to unlocking massive potential in this expanding market. 

ClearFile: Not Just Another Tool 

ClearFile is more than just a solution—it’s an evolution. It addresses the evolving needs of insurers by supporting regulatory filing endeavors as they break into new markets. Whether it’s network filings, certificates of authority, re-accreditation filings, or even mental health parity certification, ClearFile is adept at making these complex procedures a breeze, all within its multifaceted platform. Beyond being just a workflow and document management system, ClearFile stands out with its versioning, version history, and audit capabilities. 

A Collaborative Triumph 

While ClearFile is close to my heart, it’s the result of collective genius. Penstock’s encouragement, dedication and support helped fuel this new addition to its suite of services for health plans. Our collaboration with the Goodroot community supercharged our efforts, bringing together unmatched resources and expertise. It’s this powerful combination that’s allowed us to transform an industry challenge into a streamlined solution. 

In the complex realm of health insurance, ClearFile promises to be the guiding light for regulatory filings. For health plans looking to navigate this intricate landscape with ease, ClearFile is a best-in-class ally. 


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