The Top 5 Filing Updates Qualified Health Plans Need to Know for 2024: Webinar

Actionable insights and everything issuers need to know—simplified

CMS has established new standards for qualified health plans.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the 577-page NBPP Final Rule document, you’re not alone. Issuers of all sizes are feeling the pressure, sifting through the updates and fighting against the clock and—perhaps a lack of resources—to ensure compliance.

But don’t worry, we’re here to simplify things for you! Join us for our webinar on-demand where we unpack the updates you need to know—and share tips for a seamless objection period.

We Cover:

  • Increased Access to Health Care Services
    Do you meet your network adequacy? How to ensure you’re offering compliant coverage.
  • Simplifying Plan Selection Process
    There’s now a limit on non-standardized plan options—how can you continue to differentiate your product shelf?
  • Re-enrollment Hierarchy
    What you need to know about cost-share reconciliation and updated reenrollment policies.
  • Enrollment Assistance
    How CMS is making it easier to enroll in coverage and what this means for your plan.
  • Risk Validation/APTC and SBM Testing
    CMS is bolstering Marketplace program integrity. We’ll share how you can stay compliant.

Whether you’re a large carrier or a small regional plan—you won’t want to miss this. Our webinar is designed to help you implement important changes now, for a successful and growth-minded 2024.

View the webinar for a comprehensive overview of the updates you need to know.

Access the Webinar On-Demand

Watch or listen as our experts break down the latest in payment accuracy and regulatory efficiency for health plans.

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