Qualified Health Plan Success for 2024: Fast 5 Tips: Webinar on Demand

Hitting the brakes on your QHP work in Q4? We’d advise against it.

A successful 2024 depends on the work you’re doing right now. View the 30-minute webinar, “How to Take the QHP Market by Storm in 2024: Fast 5 Tips,” where we break down critical (but simple!) steps health plans can take today for a calmer 2023 Q1 and growth-minded 2024 Plan Year.

We’ll cover:

  • Juggling other projects? How to Stay on track with your QHP work
  • Why Reassigning QHP Resources Now Can Hurt You Later
  • Managing Post-Submission QHP Activities with Ease
  • QHP Metrics, Metrics, Metrics! Key Benchmarks for Success
  • The 3 Most Critical Goals to Set for 2024

Fill out the form below to access the recording of the How to Take the QHP Market by Storm in 2024: Fast 5 Tips webinar presented by Joe Boyle, president of regulatory solutions, on December 13, 2022.

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