Spotlight On: Adam Blankenship, Manager of Application Development

The man behind the machine 

Set against the harmonious backdrop of Bristol, Virginia – where the twangs of country music find their roots and the majestic Appalachian Mountains cast their reflection in the calm creeks – is the multi-faceted Adam Blankenship. At a glance, you’ll find a man entrenched in the world of technology and database architecture. But dig a little deeper, and you discover a true artisan with a passion for creation that transcends code. 

Finding His True North in Technology 

High school saw a young Adam drawn to the world of video games. It’s no surprise, then, that he wanted to build his own virtual landscapes—painting in pixels and coding stories of adventure. But as he dove head-first into the world of computer science, Adam’s attention pivoted from virtual challenges to tangible ones, especially the fascinating puzzle of data storage, optimization and pattern recognition.  

By fusing a computer science degree with a minor in psychology, Adam didn’t just excel at developing code, but in understanding people. It’s this unique combination of disciplines that has allowed him to create software that’s not just useful, but intuitive to the user. “There’s often a disconnect between what a user says they want and what they truly need.” Adam is skilled at bridging this gap. 

From IT Consulting to Penstock Pioneer 

Before his current tenure at Penstock, Adam spent a decade at a major IT consulting firm, learning and navigating the intricate corridors of payment integrity. This was a domain far removed from his foundational studies, yet his adaptability saw him thrive. “Diagnosis codes eventually became my second language,” he jokes when reflecting on how ICD-10 codes embedded themselves in his consciousness through sheer repetition. 

In his role as Manager of Application Development at Penstock, Adam is the lead architect behind Penstock’s next-generation SaaS platform that identifies payment errors in healthcare. Adam remembers the day the team first started talking about “PI Joe,” an internal name for what would eventually be called ClearBridge. “It was a day of raw nerves and even rawer sketches.” The task seemed immense, and the pressure was on. “Instead of a blueprint, I had an idea—a doodle on paper that faintly resembled what we envisioned ClearBridge to be.” For Adam and the team, it wasn’t just about building a new software, “it was about the creation of technology that was missing in healthcare.”  

From its humble beginnings, ClearBridge grew. Adam and the development team continued adding layers of functionality, expanding its capabilities at what felt like a “downhill snowball pace.” But the heart of ClearBridge always pulsed with one core idea: familiar on the surface but high-tech underneath the hood. More than its utility, ClearBridge is a nod to Adam’s deep understanding of user psychology, making the platform not just valuable to the industry, but user-centric and intuitive for auditors.  

And those initial nerves? “Oh, they’re still there.” But now, they’re intertwined with pride and anticipation for what the future holds at Penstock. 

Adam’s Superpower 

When asked about his superpower, Adam’s response is simple yet profound: “I can put anything together.”  

An Artisan at Heart 

Beyond the screens and code lines, Adam’s affinity for creation finds another outlet in his backyard woodshop. He crafts functional art, from furniture to intricate carvings. His tales of woodworking, like accidentally sawing his cell phone in half with a new miter saw, are both hilarious and indicative of his hands-on nature. And while his job requires analytical thinking and precision, his woodworking pursuits provide a tactile counterbalance. “There’s a deep satisfaction in turning raw lumber into a functional piece, much like converting abstract data into usable software,” Adam muses. “It’s about breathing life into the lifeless and finding purpose in every grain and byte.” 

From constructing software blueprints to assembling furniture, Adam Blankenship’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, persistence and the joy of creation. Whether he’s looking at code, wood or metal, his unique vision always finds a way to make all the pieces fit.  

Adam really can put anything together. 

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