Penstock Named Finalist for Best Places to Work in Western New York


July 23rd, 2023


8:30am EST


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Buffalo Business First has named Penstock as a finalist for its 2024 Best Places to Work awards in the category for companies with 25-49 employees. The results are based on an employee engagement survey that measures six key categories — communication, employee needs, manager effectiveness, personal engagement, team dynamic and trust in leadership.

Winners are chosen 100% based on the results of the survey, meaning only employees determine the score. Penstock received an overall score of 95.69 out of 100 based on responses in those six categories.

The survey included several open-ended questions that were optional for employees. One anonymous employee wrote:

My experience at Penstock has been wild and crazy, in the most amazing way! I knew that I was going to have a once in a lifetime experience when I joined the team, but nothing could have prepared me for the experience I have had. Other than the work itself being demanding, challenging, freeing, and rewarding, the piece of Penstock that I appreciate and value more than anything in this experience is the family I have gained. They aren’t just people or coworkers or friends even, they are a true work family. Without our support and dedication to each other’s success and growth, and the company mission, we would not be where we are today.

Penstock’ benefits score, which compares offerings with other similar-size companies in the region, was 60% higher than the average. Also, 95.7% of Penstock employees described themselves as highly engaged, which in the survey is defined as “highly favorable, advocate, intend to stay, high discretionary effort.” Here’s another anonymous response:

Penstock is entirely different than any other company I have worked for in the past. We celebrate one another’s successes, we truly enjoy each other as people, we trust one another, and we all believe in our mission. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions are respected. There is transparency at the top, I always know exactly where everything stands.

Fellow Goodroot company AlignRx is also a finalist for Best Places to Work in Western New York in the category for companies with 10-24 employees.

Finalists will be honored on March 28 at Buffalo RiverWorks.


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